Cotton Candy Vodka by Pinnacle

Cotton Candy Vodka

Cotton Candy Vodka: A Flavored Vodka Love Affair

Hi and welcome to Bob and Arlyta’s Cotton Candy Vodka – the site where we boldly explore the mysteries, wonders and joys of this delicious flavored vodka drink. As professional drinkers with PhD’s in Vodkology, we are constantly conducting research and helping to expand the frontiers of vodka technology – risking life, limb and liver all for one reason and one reason only: because we care about you! Keeping you informed is our number one goal and we will happily drink ourselves into oblivion trying to do it – and then do it all over again because we can’t remember what we learned the first time.

These days it is rather hard to find any of the vodka brands who haven’t gotten into the flavored spirits game. A few of our favorites so far are, APear and APeach from Absolut Vodka, Watermelon from Smirnoff Vodka, Pink Grapefruit from Belvedere Vodka and Ginger from SKYY Vodka to name a few we have tried. As of this moment, Pinnacle Vodka is the only one to have come out with the Cotton Candy Vodka flavor. And while it’s true that Pinnacle will be found a shelf or two down from the top, it does represent great value and their flavors are certainly quite mixable – Pinnacles’s Cotton Candy Vodka is certainly no exception.

Cotton Candy Vodka Drink Recipes

Our very favorite vodka mixed drink has exactly two ingredients: 1. Frozen Vodka and 2. Frozen Shot Glass. Directions: Remove your favorite premium vodka and two shot glasses from the freezer. Pour the syrup-like frozen vodka from the bottle into the glass. Clink the glasses together (cheers!). Ceremoniously raise glass to your lips and enjoy the world’s tastiest beverage! We’d suggest that you immediately wash the glasses and place them back in the freezer along with the vodka. We prefer not to completely dry the shot glasses and place them on the freezer rack bottoms up. The water residue leaves a glazing of ice over the glass that is simply awesome. Oh, and if your freezer is very cold, be warned that you can get frost burned taste buds from drinking vodka like this (and all you wintertime flag-pole lickers know exactly what that feels like – lol!).

HOWEVER, all that being said, if your experience with flavored vodka is anything like ours, you will quickly find that most of them are NOT so great for drinking straight – and we would count Cotton Candy Vodka among those that aren’t. Most flavored vodkas can be a little bit overpowering at full strength. Even if they taste great straight at first, the flavor will usually become cloying after a few shots. And if you happen to go overboard some night and end up good and hung from drinking one of the flavors, you may find that particular flavor quite undrinkable for a very long time (not that any of us “responsible” drinkers would know anything about that!).

Vodka mixed drinks are the way to go when it comes to flavors, so definitely keep checking back here because we are going to be posting all the cotton candy vodka recipes we can find, like the cotton candy martini, the cotton candy cosmo, the cotton candy collins and as many other cotton candy vodka drinks and cotton candy cocktails as we can put our lips around and then crawl back to the keyboard to tell you about.

What to Mix with Cotton Candy Vodka?

The other frontier we will be exploring are the best cotton candy vodka mixers. There are a couple of obvious ones worth trying right off the bat, such as tonic water or club soda as well as anything that is more or less a lemon lime based, such as Sprite. Various fruit juices are also well worth trying, particularly the more acidic varieties such as pineapple and orange juice and you will notice that such juices are already featured in many of the more complicated cotton candy vodka cocktail recipes we will be covering here in detail.

Cotton Candy Vodka Recipes

And finally, for those of us who absolutely love Cotton Candy Vodka, it seems a good idea to fully develop our own cotton candy vodka recipes. Then, even if the flavor gets discontinued, we will be able to make our own home brew from plain ole unflavored vodka and other easily unobtainable ingredients.   Just think! You’ll be a hit at all the parties and adored by all of your friends once you develop such a mad skill!

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